Midweek Announcements

March 22, 2023

Please keep in mind that all things are subject to change!



Midweek Announcements

March 15, 2023


Remember for the month of April, Worship will be held at 9:00AM in HILLSBORO and the service at       ALL SAINTS will begin at 11:30AM.

          Adult Class will be at 10:15AM   

          Fellowship will begin at 12:30PM

     Servants for Sunday, April 2, 2023

                Adult Class 10:15AM

                  Worship  11:30AM

      Refreshments in the Hall 12:30PM

Altar Guild                Sue Oesterle, Lois Wolfe

Greeter                    Shirley Morrow

Usher                       Rod Wright     

Presider                   Rev. Warren Huestis

Musician                  Donna Scott

Crucifer                    Julia Hidy  

Euch. Assistant & Intercessor      Claudia Coe

Lector                      Sue Timmons

Video & Sound        Victoria Huestis

Counters                  Claudia Coe, Sue Timmons

Fellowship                Debbie Mitson

     Servants for Sunday, March 26, 2023   

                 Bishop Smith's Visit

                 Adult Class 10:15AM

                   Worship  11:30AM

                  Luncheon 12:45PM

         PLT Meet with Bishop Smith 1:30PM

Altar Guild               All Available

Greeter                    Debbie Mitson

Ushers                     Vic Aleshire, Rosa Huestis

Presiders     The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith and

                                                   Rev. Warren Huestis

Musician                  Paul Febo

Crucifer                    Claudia Coe

Euch. Assistant & Intercessor      Tom Renick

Prayer Team            Kate Puckett

Lector                      Diana Febo

Video & Sound         Loren Puckett

Counters                 Tom Mitchell, Linda Augustin